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Sludge Treatment and Disposal Need Technical Innovation

Pub Date:Sep 11, 2017    |    Views:155    |    

As part of the local government lack of understanding of the sludge hazards, many economically backward areas sludge treatment compensation costs are very low, only sludge transport costs, no sludge harmless treatment and disposal costs.

China has large amount of sludge in the city,and the quality is poor, although some companies have mastered the sludge treatment and disposal theory and technology. However, it is still impossible to effectively solve the current difficulties facing the sludge disposal. Therefore, the sludge treatment and disposal need to be technological innovation, the formation of China's sludge green low-carbon security theory system and a systematic solution.


At present, the sludge treatment large equipment research is not enough, foreign equipments are poor stability and high failure rate. Sludge treatment and disposal faced with lack of assessment and verification, sludge stabilization and safety treatment of convergence, sludge treatment and disposal standards, policy support and other support system has not yet formed as well as advanced technology and breakthrough frontier Technical research also need to further expand and enhance.

Sludge treatment and disposal need urgently scientific and technological innovation to form China's green and low-carbon sludge theoretical system and systematic solution. In the treatment of sludge disposal, because the technical aspects are not perfect, caused the sludge treatment and disposal is difficult to form the industrialization. However, with the encouragement and support of national policies and scientific research institutions of ecological protection-related technology research and development, sludge disposal and resource utilization technology will continue to show up. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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