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High-frenquence shale shaker in China

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The shale shaker is the first stage of solids control equipment in drilling purification system. It can remove cuttings above 75μm brought from the drilling well to leave the liquid with smaller particles into the tanks below, which will flow into next grade solids control equipment to be treated.

shale shaker

KOSUN patented shale shaker is an equipment with welded structure. Vibration motor & screen plate base are installed into screen basket with special parts. Screen basket is fixed on the adjustment beam. At each of the four vertexes of the screen basket there is a vibration damping spring, which can prevent the adjoining parts and devices from being affected by the vibration. There are several screen panels on screen basket, and they are fixed and adjusted by snap-on screw bolts and hooking tensioners so that the combined effect of horizontal and vertical supporting bars may provide enough strength for screens basket. And the panels appear in an arched shape, thus making the panels more easily tensioned and more intimately connected with the frames, blessing them with longer service life as well as increasing the processing efficiency of particles.

The Economy of Linear Motion Shale Shaker
KOSUN Linear Motion Shaker is especially effective while drilling top-hole sections where heavy and high-volume solids are usually encountered. In these intervals, shakers may generate powerful G-forces and its effective vibrating motion can quickly remove the dense solids from screens and particles from wells.

The Economy of  Elliptical Motion Shale Shaker
KOSUN Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker has a remarkable advantage in treating high viscosity drilling fluid. Under this working condition, the optimized balanced elliptical motion can effectively remove viscous solids and eliminate larger particles in drilling fluid. Meanwhile, the relatively moderate vibration strength can effectively reduce the screen consumption.

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