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What are the functions and structural composition of Black Rhino Shale Shaker among KOSUN solids control equipment?

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KOSUN BLACK RHINO Series Shale Shaker is the first-stage solids control equipment in the drilling fluid solids control system, and separates a large amount of cuttings carried by mud from wellhead, facilitating mud to enter the second-stage separation equipment. The shale shaker can be used separately, or be combined by double or multiple ones, and our company can provide corresponding diversion manifold.

KOSUN BLACK RHINO Series Shale Shaker is a high frequency linear-motion vibrating screen machine, equipped with four screen panels and two vibrating motors, and offering a choice of manually adjusting screen frame angle while drilling (AWD). When BLACK RHINO Series Shale Shaker works, the screen frame angle can be adjusted from -1° to +5° by dint of innovation of its structural design. BLACK RHINO Series Shale Shaker can separate drilling cuttings efficiently. Fix vibrating motors onto a high-strength supporting beam of screen frame, and position them on the screen bed, and the positioning in this way can make vibrating motors directly exert G-forces on screens. The isolation mounts can protect the bedframe from vibration effect of the screen frame. The screen bed humps slightly in favor of tensioning screens. This method of tensioning screens can enhance performance and service life of screens. Mud is fed into BLACK RHINO Series Shale Shaker via the feeder.

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