Disc Centrifuge
 two-phase  separation, three-phase separation

Disc Centrifuge


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KOSUN Disc Centrifuge is specially designed for two-phase and three-phase separation.

Two-phase separation refers to separation of solids from mixing liquid or separation of two different immiscible liquids with different densities.

Three-phase separation means separation of liquid mixture (two-phase immiscible liquid and one-phase solid) with different densities and separation of solids out. 


Work Principle


After put in the disc centrifuge inside bowl, under the centrifugal force the feed material is delivered to a group disc beam. With the disc neutral hole as interface, the liquid phase with high specific gravity (heavy liquid phase) is moved to the outside of neutral hole along the disc wall. The solids are collected at sediment area, the heavy liquid is delivered to big centripetal pump, and the light liquid is delivered to small centripetal pump along the disc wall inward and upward.

The heavy liquid and light liquid are delivered out from small centripetal pump and big centripetal pump separately.




Refinement, Concentration and Clarification

Bio-pharmaceuticals Industry

Phytoextraction Industry

Beverage Industry

Oil Industry ( vegetable oil, animal oil)

Dairy Industry

Biodiesel, Mineral Oil

Chemical Industry

Biological Fermentation


KOSUN centrifuge can provide customized separation technologies and maximize the processing efficiency.

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