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Oil Sludge Thermal Washing and Disposal System

Oil Sludge Thermal Washing and Disposal System

Xi’an KOSUN closely follows national policies and vigorously develops green and environmentally friendly sludge treatment and soil remediation equipment. By combining vibrating separation technology, centrifugal separation technology, and fluid mechanics, it solves the solid-liquid separation problem in the process of waste environmental treatment. Through subsequent treatment functions, it reduces pollutant emissio...

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Oil Sludge Thermal Washing and Disposal System

Oily sludge refers to a mixture of oil, water, and solids. KOSUN can provide complete sets of equipment for oily sludge treatment to treat the sludge and recover oil and water. The thermal washing technology for oily sludge treatment can achieve lower-cost solid disposal and maximize oil recovery.

Oil-containing sludge is the main pollutant generated during the production process of oil, including crude oil extraction, storage, transportation, processing, and treatment of produced water. Oil-containing sludge is typically a stable suspension emulsion system consisting of water-in-oil (w/o), oil-in-water (o/w), and suspended solids. It has poor dewatering effect and its composition and properties are influenced by factors such as wastewater quality, treatment processes, and additives, resulting in high variability and difficulty in treatment. The oil content of oil-containing sludge varies significantly, and some of it has potential for recycling. Additionally, oil-containing sludge contains harmful substances such as heavy metals, posing a risk of environmental and radioactive pollution.

Oil content in oily sludge is relatively high, making it a valuable resource in waste. If not properly recovered, it would result in significant material waste. Storing or landfilling oily sludge occupies a large amount of arable land while polluting the surrounding environment. The volatile components of oil in oily sludge can pollute the air when released. When rainwater carries oil from the sludge into water bodies, it causes severe pollution and disrupts the aquatic ecosystem. The petroleum in the sludge can harm the soil’s microbial and plant ecosystems when it enters the soil. Furthermore, many harmful substances in crude oil have mutagenic and carcinogenic properties, causing serious harm to human health through direct and indirect exposure. Therefore, it is crucial to properly treat oily sludge using suitable methods to achieve both resource recovery and environmental protection goals, considering both environmental protection and resource recycling perspectives.

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The large-scale thermal washing and skid-mounted treatment system for oily sludge produced by Xi’an KOSUN consists of pre-treatment module, oil-sand separation module, screening module, oil-water separation module, etc. The system aims to address the treatment of waste oil sludge generated during drilling processes. The system has a processing capacity of 30t/h, and the oil content in the solid phase after treatment can reach less than 3%. The thermal washing and skid-mounted treatment system for oily sludge achieves good treatment results and effectively reduces the cost of solid waste treatment, achieving harmless and resource-oriented disposal. It is worth mentioning that the water in this system is recycled, resulting in minimal water consumption, environmental safety, and no secondary pollution.


Application scope:

Bottom sludge from oilfield central stations, aged sludge from oilfield central stations, land-based oil sludge, complex mixed sludge from industrial waste pits in oilfields, intermediate sediment isolation layers from natural settlement and dewatering in oilfield water treatment processes, oil-containing sludge generated during oil drilling oil-based cuttings oil removal processes, bottom sludge from offshore oil tanker compartments, oil sludge residue discharged from separation machines for ship fuel oil and lubricants, oil sludge treatment in petrochemical plants, waste lubricating oil and emulsified oil treatment, treatment of other mineral oil sludge and sediment, and storage of coal tar in coal chemical industries.

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