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Drilling waste management technology and services

Pub Date:Oct 16, 2018    |    Views:198    |    

At present, there are many drilling waste management methods and devices with different treatment effects. View from the drilling situations of various drilling site at home and abroad, the most important and commonly used drilling waste management devices are vertical centrifuge and hi-g dryer.

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Drilling waste management technology at home and abroad at present, mainly include simple processing emissions, safe injection formation or well annular space, long-distance centralized processing, backfill, pit sealing, land farming, curing, a solid liquid separation, burning, microbial treatment, etc. However, these methods are basically a problem, economic and environmental benefits can’t be both satisfactory on treatment effect and the processing cost. If it contracts low cost, then environmental requirements cannot meet the requirements.

KOSUN drilling waste management services are based on our Waste Management Hierarchy which governs the way we deal with solids control and waste disposal in all our drilling activities worldwide. The four levels of this basic hierarchy is reduction at source, recycling, treatment and disposal, in that order. To ensure that these steps are well implemented, precise planning for both environmental protection as well as cost-effectiveness is pivotal. This involves studies to review both the project and the disposal criteria which need to be customised for specific requirements.

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