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Classification and working prin

The shale shaker has the technological characteristics of large amplitude, large vibration intensity, low frequency and elastic screen surface. The maximum opening ratio is always maintained during the working process, so that the screening efficiency is high and the processing capacity is large. In addition, the screen panel is replaced easily, so the cost is reduced. The shale shaker has a large screen area and large processing capacity to meet the production needs on site.

Classification of shale shaker:
Shale shaker can be divided into: shale shaker for mining, light fine shale shaker, experimental shale shaker.
According to the motion curve of materials on shale shaker, it can be divided into:
According to the linear motion track: linear shale shaker (the material moves linearly forward on the screen)
According to the circular motion track: circular shale shaker (the material moves circularly forward on the screen)

Working principle of shale shaker:
When the shale shaker is working, the synchronous reverse rotation of the two motors causes the exciter to generate a reverse exciting force, forcing the screen panel to move the screen longitudinally, so that the material on the screen is excited and periodically throws a range, thus completing the material screening operation. It is suitable for a quarry to sieve sand and gravel, and it can also be used for product classification in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industries.


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