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Sediment Disposal of Urban Landscape Lakes

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Urban landscape lakes are the closest parts of nature and human beings. With the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the rapid development of urban industry, long-term and disorderly discharge of industrial and domestic sewage, and widespread urban lake pollution and fouling Large amounts of pollutants are deposited in the sediments of lakes, causing black and stinky bottom sludge, which seriously damages the ecological environment and threatens the physical and mental health of urban residents.

sediment disposal

Traditional sediment disposal of urban landscape lakes methods cannot meet the demands of people on environmental protection any longer, so the environmental dredge technology emerges at the right moment. In recent years, BRRD series Black Rhino environmental sediment disposal of urban landscape lakes methods , independently developed by KOSUN Environmental has been widely applied to environmental dredging field of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc. Moreover, we can customize the optimal integrated solution to sediment disposal according to the field hydrogeological conditions.
KOSUN Environmental sediment disposal of urban landscape lakes technology covers pretreatment, washing and sieving, dewatering, tail water treatment, sediment stabilization, etc. When various materials are treated and reach the standard, the clean sand will backfill into the river channel, and the dewatered sediment will undergoes treatment. KOSUN Environmental sludge treatment technology includes such eight modules as pretreatment unit, desanding unit, desilting unit, dewatering unit, sewage treatment unit, clean water storage unit, solidification unit and chemicals unit.

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