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KOSUN Drilling Waste Management Equipment Exported to Argentina

Pub Date:Jul 10, 2018    |    Views:117    |    

Recently, KOSUN delivered the solid control equipment and  drilling waste management equipment for the oil production project of a company in Argentina. It has been delivered to the company in batches and will be put into use.

drilling waste management equipment


The solid control equipment and drilling waste management equipment in this project mainly include shale shaker, mud cleaner, liquid gas separator, sand pump, horizontal centrifuge, slurry pump, screw conveyor, etc. The total value is more than 400,000 US dollars. The whole set of equipment has passed the customer acceptance and meets the processing requirements of the site.


In recent years, KOSUN has continuously summarized the application experience and technology of equipment, and on the basis of the previous generation of products, continuously improved and optimized the equipment structure and improved product performance. “KOSUN” brand solid control equipment has been put into use in many countries in South America and is recognized by customers. On this basis, KOSUN has opened up the drilling waste treatment market in South America. After consulting several domestic professional manufacturers, this drilling equipment customer finally selected KOSUN in combination with production capacity, performance and service. With the successful delivery of this batch of orders, KOSUN will open a new drilling waste treatment market.

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