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Influences of Solids Control System Performance on Well Drilling

Pub Date:Jul 17, 2019    |    Views:334    |    

The solids control system is one of the most important parts in the well drilling, known as the filter of drilling "blood". A reasonable solids control system can effectively control the solid-phase content in the drilling fluid, reduce the complexity of the drilling process and the probability of accidents, and serve as a significant technical means to achieve safe, efficient and economical drilling.

The solids control system is composed of drilling fluid shale shakerdesanderdesiltercentrifugecentrifugal pumpvacuum degassermud tank and other equipment. The safe and stable operation of the solids control system affects the accident risk during the drilling process. Therefore, the performance evaluation and optimization of the solids control system have crucial practical significance for drilling projects.

According to the characteristics of stratum cuttings particles and the properties of drilling fluid, it can reduce the risk of accidents during drilling operations and increase the rate of penetration of safe drilling to reasonably choose solids control equipment that meets the drilling requirements.

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