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KOSUN VC-1000 Series Cuttings Dryer playing an important role in drilling waste management

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Cuttings dryer is a continuous screen type centrifuge with automatic feed control designed for liquid-solid separation. It is designed to recover drilling fluid from cuttings by exerting very high centrifugal acceleration force on cuttings to improve fluid separation effect from cuttings.

The cuttings dryer system catches any lost mud and returns it to active mud system. The recovery system works well with diesel, mineral oil and synthetic oil based mud. The system has proven to be more efficient with synthetic oil based mud due to the ease of oil separation from larger cuttings. Synthetic oil based mud system has a higher mud value, and this cuttings dryer is relatively critical equipment for the system, which makes it more attractive from economical and practical points of view. In addition, the system can reduce the amount of wastes at rig site and the resulting disposal costs.

The cuttings dryer adopts an integrated electric control system that can control all major equipment in drilling waste management system, including cuttings dryer, screw conveyor, feed pump and discharge plate vibrating motor of cuttings dryer.

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