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Why is KOSUN D series decanter centrifuge the most popular centrifuge in the oil drilling industry?

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KOSUN D Series Decanter Centrifuge is the most popular centrifuge in the oil drilling industry. It can be used for fine solids separation with particle diameter≥2μm, barite recovery and zero-discharge dewatering. KOSUN D Series Decanter Centrifuge can be used on solids control mud tank or placed onto lifting skid for drilling mud treatment or drilling waste management.

Taking KOSUN D355 Decanter Centrifuge for example, its bowl diameter is about 14inch (355mm) and bowl length 49inch (1257mm). Bowl length-diameter ratio of 3.5 is ideal for oil-based drilling mud. KOSUN D355 Decanter Centrifuge is driven by main motor and back motor with high torque planetary gear box.

KOSUN also has fixed-speed centrifuges with different pulleys available for option to change speeds, and VFD with PLC available for your different applications. We also offer OEM services of centrifuges with customized colors and LOGO for marketing your own brand in the industry.

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