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What is the process of reclaiming water reuse as a sewage treatment method?

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In order to meet the water discharge quality standard of the treated sewage, the reclaimed water reuse equipment is generally used to treat the sewage to meet the reclaimed water quality standard. The technological process of reclaimed water reuse can be commonly divided into three stages: pretreatment stage, main treatment stage and aftertreatment stage.

1. Pretreatment stage: this stage mainly has two processing units, where one is a grid, and the other is a regulating pool, which are mainly used to effectively remove solid impurities in sewage and uniformly process the water quality.

2. Main treatment stage: at this stage, the dissolved organic matter in the sewage will be effectively removed, so this stage is the most critical link.

3. Aftertreatment stage: the main function of this stage is to disinfect the sewage. After this stage of treatment, the effluent can be guaranteed to reach the reclaimed water quality standard. This is an advanced treatment process.

The technological process equipment of reclaimed water reuse has a very good effect on the treatment of sewage, and the wide application of the reclaimed water reuse process is of great significance for improving the environment.

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