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KOSUN mud agitator plays an important role in drilling solids control system.

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As a facility of drilling fluid tank-type solids control system, KOSUN Mud Agitator is mainly used to agitate and mix drilling fluid and keep stable performance and uniform mixing of circulating drilling fluid to avoid solid particles in drilling fluid from depositing in the tank-type circulating system.

The facility has such main features as follows: The hollow flank worm reducer is adopted, the axial cross section is circular-arc cylindrical worm and the tooth profile of worm wheel is a circle conjugated with worm, so the convex-concave engagement performance is reliable, the efficiency is high and the structure is compact. Combine the reducer with the explosion-proof motor, so the maintenance is convenient and it is suitable for outdoor severe working conditions. The agitation strength is big, the sweep range is wide and the moment of starting resistance is reduced. The motor is placed horizontally, and installation, adjustment and replacement are convenient.

The facility mainly consists of explosion-proof motor, reducer, motor base and impeller assembly, solid couplings are used to join motor with reducer, and reducer with impeller shaft. Four blades are installed and welded to form the impeller. The impeller makes the fluid in vortex motion and improves the agitation effect. The pallet among the blades can prevent solid particles in mud from depositing around the lower blades after shutdown, which reduces the moment of resistance of deposits against the blades when starting and avoids the motor from being burned out due to overload starting.

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