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How will sludge be treated in the future?

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Local governments are the main body of responsibility for sludge treatment. As for sludge treatment, local governments need to play the role of the main body of responsibility and promote the healthy development of sludge industry.
I. the government clarifies its position as the subject of responsibility. First of all, the problem of sludge should be solved as soon as possible. The sludge accumulated over the years should be disposed, and this part of sludge should be reduced and made harmless, so as not to cause adverse effects on the ecological environment again. Secondly, to deal with the newly generated sludge, the government has the right to choose the appropriate way of sludge disposal.
2. Strengthen the supervision of environmental protection and carry out the special supervision of sludge. In the future, more efforts should be made to strengthen the supervision of sludge, so as to attract the attention of local governments on sludge disposal.
3. Local governments shall formulate special sludge planning. Cities themselves should plan sewage treatment facilities and sludge treatment facilities, but at present most cities do not have sludge treatment facilities. Therefore, it is suggested that local governments issue special sludge planning, strengthen the supervision and supervision of special sludge funds, and ensure the construction of sludge disposal facilities.
4. Clear pricing of sludge. In terms of sludge pricing, the current sludge treatment charging mechanism has not been formed, and the operation costs of sludge treatment and disposal facilities have not been implemented in line with the sewage treatment costs. The government should further improve the structure of sewage treatment fee and include municipal sludge disposal fee into the sewage treatment fee price system.
In addition, at present, relevant laws on sludge disposal are still missing, and laws, regulations and other aspects need to be constantly improved to protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, citizens and other parties at the legal level.

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