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Xi'an KOSUN Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "KOSUN Environmental," is a specialized company in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, providing comprehensive solutions for solid waste treatment. The company focuses on solid waste reduction, harmlessness, and resource utilization services.


KOSUN Environmental's green and energy-saving sludge purification and disposal equipment mainly include vertical scraper filter sludge dewatering machine, horizontal screw settling centrifuge, sludge drying sieve, slurry cleaner, sand washing device, sludge solidification device, slurry separation system, and more. These products are primarily applied in urban infrastructure construction (such as urban water, electricity, gas, communication cable network laying projects, subway tunnel shield construction, and pipe jacking), river dredging, tailings management, soil remediation, industrial sludge reduction and disposal, oil-containing sludge treatment, drilling waste treatment, and resource utilization.


KOSUN Environmental provides sludge reduction and disposal services to customers, including overall contracting of sludge treatment, mobile sludge treatment stations, and complete solutions for sludge treatment. The company possesses core technology in solid-liquid separation and combines technology-driven equipment manufacturing with engineering services. Its current business scope includes construction machinery, industrial sludge treatment, river and lake sediment treatment, urban sludge treatment and disposal, soil remediation, comprehensive utilization of tailings, and other six major fields. KOSUN Environmental's registered trademark is the "Black Rhino" brand, and the company holds dozens of technology patents related to separation machinery.


The company's vision is to become a leader in the solid waste disposal industry and industrial clean production. It aims to gradually develop into a comprehensive service provider in the field of solid waste disposal, integrating on-site detection and survey, solution design, system integration, complete equipment supply, engineering construction, commissioning and operation, and maintenance management.

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