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Fracturing Fluid & Anti-drainage Treatment

Fracturing operation is the main method for low permeability reservoir and unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs development. With the fracturing, it can improve oil gas layer infiltration capacity and plug removal. Fracturing plays important role in old oil field well drilling, new well drilling test, well oil production improvement, unconventionality oil, gas and shale gas drilling development.  

Fracturing waste fluid content is complicated and contains several type complicated ingredient and big quantity harmful material. It will bring serious pollution to located area.


The usual treatment way for oil gas field waste water are as following, flocculation, filtration & adsorption, electrolytic process, acid and alkali neutralization, biological treatment, etc. As one of oil gas waste water, the fracturing waste fluid content is complicated, stable, poory biodegradability. It needs multiple method for treatment during processing.

According to current condition, we use multiple treatment technic, develop various treatment method, make a fracturing waste fluid recycling after treatment, solve the problem of water shortage of fracturing fluid preparation. The after treated water of treated fracturing waste fluid can be used for other industry or meet the request for discharge directly.


The usual fracturing waste fluid treatment technics are mainly as natural evaporation, freeze thawing, filtration, ozonation, chemical flocculation, electric flocculation, reverse osmosis, distill, etc.

The new technic is a multiple combined usage , mainly are ozonation and flocculation. The treatment technics development direction are multiple technic composite application, mainly with physical treatment, auxiliary with chemical treatment, develop electric flocculation and advanced oxidation, research skid-mounted treatment equipment, treatment technic modularization, recycling and reuse useful content, reduce treatment cost, provide technical support for shale gas development.

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