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Oilfield Sludge Sewage Treatment

The oil sludge is the waste of solid with oil from oil drilling, transportation, refinery and oil waste water treatment processing. It contains big quantity benzene series, phenols, anthracene, pyrene and other harmful rotten material. It will be a resource waste and pollution for environment.


Oil sludge origin

1. Crude oil drilling work

2. Rig site waste during gathering and transportation

3. Waste water treatment plant in refinery plant


Oil sludge harm

With big volume and quantity, oil sludge not only need a big area land space, but also can bring pollution to around soil, water and air, with odor exhaust gas. Sludge contains big quantity pathogenic bacteria, parasite, bronze, zinc, chromium, mercury and other heavy metal, salt, polychlorinated biphenyl, tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin, radionuclide and other harmful degradation-resistant content.



Uaual treatment method

The final for treatment are reducing quantity, improving recycling, harmless. The usual method are solvent extraction method, burning, bioanalysis, coking, profile control, comprehensive utilization, etc.  


Oil sludge dewatering

The water in oil sludge have 4 types: free water, interstitial water, vicinal water or surface water and chemical-bound water


Tempering oil sludge

The balck ropy oil sludge concentrated liquid after gravity settling dewatering contains O/W, W/O and suspended solid. It is a multiple and complicated colloidal system. Because of the oil sludge particle surface can adsorb same charges, mutual repulsion, sufficient emulsification and very hard for destabilization, it is very difficult to separate the oil, water and sludge solid. It needs to add conditioning agent to separate the solid from crude oil, gathering the oil, the chemical agent will be sedimented with solid, then to realize the total separation of oil, water and solids.

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