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Quality Control Commitment
Establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve the Quality Management System, and provide customers with sufficient quality assurance and reputation.
Quality Management Policy
Provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services
Management standard (be realistic)
Keep improving (for better)
Progressive and innovative (be innovative)
Pursuit of excellence

HSE Policy (Health, Safety and Environment)
1) Abide by local laws and regulations, and implement codes and standards of the industry.
2) Consummate HSE management system and carry out the “continuous improvement plan”.
3) Publicize KOSUN HSE policy to all staff and provide them with trainings so as to enhance the staff’s HSE awareness and quality and make them earnestly fulfill their duties at their respective posts.
4) Offer safe and sanitary workplaces, safe and reliable facilities and equipment, and labor protection articles up to national standards for staff.
5) For staff at posts with occupational hazards, conduct physical examination for occupational diseases, and establish and standardize files of occupational disease tutelage.
6) Regularly inspect and report the safety conditions of production operation and equipment running.
7) Regularly organize emergency drills, constantly consummate emergency plans and minimize accidents of casualty and environmental pollution.
8) At all stages from design, manufacturing to production operation, carry out identification and evaluation of hazard factors and environmental factor, as well as energy saving assessment and review, and lay down and implement control measures.
9) Provide contractors with HSE information, and urge them to establish normative HSE management systems, carry out codes and standards of the industry, and conduct continual education and training on their staff.
10) Establish good relationships with government bodies, social organizations and the public for close cooperation in HSE, and make contributions to creating beautiful ecological environment.
11) Encourage staff to participate in activities of HSE and energy saving, and advocate science and technology studies, as well as reasonable adoption of technological products of HSE and energy saving.
12) Maintain industrial hygiene at workplaces and create good working environment for staff’s health and safety.

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