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Soil Remediation

Technical Principle of Remediation of Contaminated Soil

Change the pollutants’ existing form in the soil or combination modes with soil, reducing its mobility and bioavailability in the environment; Reduce concentration of harmful substances in soil.

Ectopic Soil Elution Technology

Contaminants are mainly distributed in smaller soil particles. Ectopic soil elution is a kind of technology in separating heavy contaminated soil components or transferring pollutants from soil to liquid by using physical separation or synergistic elution and other means, and by adding water or a suitable synergist. Elution treatment can effectively reduce contaminated soil disposal volumes and achieve reduction.

The ectopic soil elution treatment system generally includes: soil pretreatment unit, physical separation unit, elution unit, waste water treatment & recycling unit, volatile gas control unit, etc. The specific site remediation can use independent physical separation unit or combined physical separation unit and synergistic elution unit.


Treatable Contaminants

Heavy metals

Semi-volatile organic pollutants

Nonvolatile organic pollutants

Major Equipment Components

Soil Pretreatment Equipment

Conveying Equipment

Physical Screening Equipment

Synergistic Elution Equipment

Slurry Separation and Dewatering Equipment

Waste Water Treatment System

Mud Transport System

Automatic Control System

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