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Drilling Dluid Waste Management

Drilling waste is a complicated multiphase stable colloidal suspension system, mainly made up of clay, weighting material, various chemical treating agent, water, oil, cutting, etc. With the development of chemical industry, especially synthetic polymer chemistry, a group of new type compound high polymer turn up and applied as drilling fluid treating agent. 

It makes drilling fluid content become more complicated and some of them are harmful for human and environment, bringing big difficulty for drilling fluid treatment. The analyzation of drilling fluid influencing factor on environment has important meaning for drilling waste management technics improvement, develop new type environmental drilling fluid system and environment protection.



KOSUN drilling waste management system can recycle and treat the drilling waste, reduce treatment cost, recycle the useful mud and water, realize resource recycling, avoid environment pollution by waste, meet the local government policy request for waste environmental discharge, protect environment from pollution.



1. High integrated system, meet the waste treatment request during rig drilling or after drilling centralized processing request

2. Mobilized, small size unit, convenient for transportation and operation, high treatment efficiency

3. Daily treatment capacity 300m³, water content in solid after treatment 15%-17%, OOC≤5%. Recycle the drilling fluid from waste remarkably and it can be reused in mud circulation system.

Integrated PLC with automatic alarm display, can monitor temperature, torque, oil quantity and running time. Convenient for operation, safe and reliable.

5.  Mild treatment condition, low treatment cost, widely used, economical 

6.  Well-adapted, can treat drilling waste of different type drilling fluid system

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