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Underground Continuous Wall Desander Plant

Underground diaphragm wall is to dig a narrow deep groove in the ground with a trench machinery around the deep excavation engineering along the axis of the groove, after groove cleaning, dipping in the groove reinforcement cage, and then use the catheter underwater concreting into a slot unit, gradually, in the underground built a continuous reinforced concrete wall, as cut water, seepage, bearing, water retaining structure.


The utility model is suitable for the construction of the basement, the underground shopping mall, the parking lot, the underground oil depot, the retaining wall, the deep foundation of the high-rise building, the reverse construction method, the deep pool and the pit of the industrial building, etc.


For the ground surface construction, using some special dredging machinery, with the help of the mud wall, in the narrow and deep trench dug underground. Now the available dredging machinery are mechanical grab trenching machine and chamfer milling groove machine. Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co. Ltd. designs and makes KD series desander plant, which combines the open-country type and the city type (insulation), simple structure, good treatment effect, convenient for transportation and quick installation.

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