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Coal Washing Machinery

Overview of coal washing machine

At present, in the coal washing machine industry, mechanical separation of the various forms, but generally the processing quantity is small, the product of high moisture content, the product into mass phenomenon, resulting in coal can not enter the end with spread, affecting the quality of products.

In view of this phenomenon, Kosun company specially developed horizontal spiral centrifuge and vertical screw centrifuge (referred to as dryer) in this field has achieved good treatment effect and occupy a certain market share


The advantage of coal washing machine field

Different models to meet the needs of different users

The equipment has low running cost and large processing capacity.

In the low water treatment products.

All equipment has the advantages of simple operation, reliable and small area.

Can be directly recycled in the water after treatment.

Wear resistant lining, prolong the service life of equipment.

In the closed relatively strict, to avoid the phenomenon of running coal slurry.

The purpose of explosion-proof design more secure.

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