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Construction Waste Treatment


Large quantity, universality, usualness, pollution



l Occupy land and reduce the soil quality

l Influence the air quality

l Pollute the water area

l Destroy city appearance and deteriorate urban sanitation

l Cause potential safety hazards


Difference Treatment between Construction Waste and Others 

Construction waste belongs to a special refuse. Emissions of the unit must advance declare to Environmental Sanitation Administration Department. Must take a special way, a separate collection, sent to the designated specialized waste disposal sites for disposalThere must be specialized training person or professional person to guide when collectiing and treat; Construction waste is non-pollution solids. Generally, China adopt landfill treatment ,recycling part of them and burning a little part.



Construction waste landfill.

Comprehensive consider various factors and reasonably choose landfill sites

There are huge stocks of construction wastes in China, and the comprehensive utilization rate is less than 5%. It needs a long-term process for natural degradation only by landfill. These construction wastes must be artificially disposed to recycle them and minimize their harms to environment.



Technical level is a precondition for recycling construction waste. Selecting suitable treatment process and abatement solutions aim to avoid a huge waste of resources.


When the society is paying more attention to construction waste, China will shoot construction waste at reduction, recycling and harmlessness, which is a long-term and arduous task. Such a goal will be achieved through correct guidance and appropriate support of the government, and active participation, supervision and implementation of all of us!

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