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Shield&Pipe-jacking&TBM Slurry Separation System

Shield tunneling method is a kind of full mechanized construction method in the construction of concealed excavation method. It would move the shield machine forward underground, to prevent the occurrence of tunnel collapse through the shield shell and supporting segment. At the same time in front of the excavation face, the cutting device is used for soil excavation, unearthed by machinery shipped outside, by Jack in the back pressure jacking, and assembling the crude concrete segment, formed a construction method of mechanical structure of tunnel.

TBM mud separation system

A tunneling shield is divided into earth pressure balance shield and slurry balance shield. Xi'an Xun Machinery Co., Ltd. makes the KD series slurry separation system for slurry shield engineering, to separate the  particle in the mud, so as to achieve the purpose of mud recycling. KOUSN KD series slurry separation system, are made according to the customers’ actual geological requirements, to meet the application requirements.      

KD-425 slurry treatment system, KD-425 system    

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