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Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Overview of tailings slurry treatment:

Tailings is a waste material after processing, is the main component of industrial solid waste. Therefore, the comprehensive recovery and utilization of tailings has been widely concerned by the whole society, and the pollution of the underground water layer by tailings slurry is also of great concern. Horizontal spiral centrifuge Kosun company specially developed came into being, to solve the tailings slurry treatment and some of the problems in the market practice, and achieved good results.


In the field of tailings slurry treatment:

All equipment, low operation cost, large capacity.

The purpose of fast processing speed, high efficiency and can run continuously.

An excellent separation.

All equipment has the advantages of simple operation, reliable and small area.

The purpose of the treated water can be discharged directly.

The purpose of the wear-resistant layer lining, long service life of equipment.

In the closed relatively strict, avoid pollution two.

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