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River Dredging

Dredging dehydration system description

Dredging will produce a lot of silt, the silt generally has high moisture content, low strength, some silt may contain toxic and harmful substances, these toxic and harmful substances washed easily after leaching, resulting in two pollution on water environment. It is necessary to carry out reasonable disposal of the sludge produced after dredging.

Kosun mechanical dredging dewatering separation system is used for river dredging sewage sludge separation device, the system is composed of vibrating screen, desander, desilter and centrifuge etc.. Depending on the situation, the 3-6 level separation system can be selected.

Dredging dewatering separation system can be divided into the skid mounted and vehicle type according to the structure, you can select the appropriate type of structure according to the actual situation.


Dredging dehydration system

Shaker desander desilter - - - desilter - mechanical flocculation separation centrifuge centrifuge separation.

In the actual selection process, based on different situations, you can choose the 3-6 level separation system.

Dredging dehydration system advantage

Avoid two pollution problems caused by improper disposal of river sludge

Continuous automatic production, processing capacity, low moisture content after treatment

The dredging dewatering separation system, water reuse

Mud paste form, can transport

To achieve the reduction in the transport and storage of resources

To provide a guarantee for the utilization of waste resources, to ensure the smooth flow of water

The clear river drainage, flood control, irrigation, solve the security function

Improve river water quality, promote ecosystem health, enhance river landscape

Economic performance

Dredging dewatering separation system can be treated to water river silt below 80% and the sludge volume is greatly reduced, so we can use ordinary muck cars on the treated sludge removal, thus greatly reduce the removal cost, dredging project for general engineering quantity, so the construction side every day can at least save tens of thousands of dollars of expenses in the freight.

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