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Mud (Drilling Fluid) Cooling System

Mud (Drilling Fluid) Cooling System

Xi'an KOSUN mud cooling system provides a cooling solution for high-temperature drilling mud(drilling fluid)....

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In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for high-temperature and deep wells, resulting in high temperatures of the drilling mud. Excessive temperature of the drilling mud can lead to the following adverse consequences:

(1). Inaccurate measurement instrument precision at the bottom of the well, resulting in abnormal data transmission and reception.

(2). Reduction in plastic viscosity and density of the drilling fluid, leading to poor carrying capacity and reduced power transmission. Consequently, the efficacy of additives decreases, increasing the cost of the mud.

(3). It may exacerbate the difficulty in controlling the mud, as some additives tend to decompose at high temperatures.

(4). Reduction in mechanical performance of components in direct contact with drilling equipment, especially drill bits, drill pipes, etc., as well as sealing performance and lifespan of seals.

(5). For oil-based mud, high-temperature mud increases operational safety risks.


The main purpose of the mud cooling system is to control and regulate the performance of the mud, specifically its temperature.

Our company undertakes the design and manufacturing of a high-temperature well mud cooling system for a Taiwanese company. During the design process, we relied on years of experience in the solid control industry, as well as extensive research and experimentation. We ultimately combined the design concepts of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger and a cooling tower. This design successfully addresses the issue of mud medium clogging. The cooling effect of this equipment is significant, with a temperature difference achievable between 20-50℃. The mud processing capacity can reach 120m³/h and 200m³/h. In the future, we will also develop and design a mud cooling system with a processing capacity of 320m³/h.

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