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Six application fields of Slurry Separation Plant

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Slurry Separation Plant is a necessary equipment that can effectively solve the reduction treatment of engineering slurry. It can be widely used in fields such as: slurry separation for building piling, pipe-jacking construction, slurry separation for shield tunnel construction, river sludge separation treatment, tailings mud-water separation, contaminated soil remediation and other fields.

Slurry Separation Plant

1. Engineering slurry treatment: engineering mud treatment, piling mud treatment, bored piles, etc. generated during the construction process can be reduced in volume and facilitate transportation.

2. River and lake dredging sludge treatment: The river sludge sludge treatment process is also a mud-water separation process, a solid-liquid separation process, and KOSUN Slurry Separation Plant plays an important role in the river silt separation process.

3. Municipal pipeline network slurry treatment: slurry treatment of subway shield, slurry treatment of underground continuous wall, slurry treatment of pipe jacking machine and other fields.


4. Sludge treatment in sewage treatment plants: it can effectively solve the problem of sludge separation generated in sewage treatment plants.

5. Remediation and treatment of contaminated soil: In the process of remediation of oily sludge contaminated soil in chemical plants and oil fields, the contaminated soil needs to be cleaned. After cleaning, a mud-water separator is required to separate and restore the soil performance.

6. Tailings sludge treatment: The original sludge separation is also applicable to tailings sludge treatment.

KOSUN Slurry Separation Plant can save construction costs, reduce mud emissions and reduce environmental pollution. It is an economical, efficient and environment-friendly necessary construction equipment. 

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