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Two-phase Decanter Centrifuge
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Two-phase Decanter Centrifuge

​Decanter centrifuge is a kind of equipment with centrifugal sedimentation theory used for suspension liquid separation....

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Features of Two-phase Decanter Centrifuge:

1. Bowl and other main spare part material stainless steel

2. Conveyor edge coated with tungsten carbide protection layer or tungsten carbide plates

3. Big length-diameter ratio, high rotary speed, with plenty of various angle design option on bowl cone part   

4. Heavy duty and big transmission ratio, planetary or hydraulic gear box for option

5. Differential speed and torque can be adjusted automatically according to feed material concentration and flow change

6. Decanter centrifuge with BD board can be applied for concentration and dewatering of primary or activated sludge with various proportion, and separation of other feed material difficult to separate  

Decanter centrifuge is a kind of equipment with centrifugal sedimentation theory used for suspension liquid separation.

1.Solids size >3 um

2.Feed material concentration-volume ratio ≤70%

3.Difference in Liquid and Solids Densities: 0.05g/cm³

Decanter centrifuge is suitable for liquid-solid separation or particle size grading of various suspensions.


Based on introducing and absorbing advanced foreign technologies, our Company independently develops, improves and manufactures GREEN GL Series Decanter Centrifuge, including GL-250A, GL-350A, GL-430A, GL-450A, GL-500A, GL-530A, GL-650A, GL-720A, etc.


Applications of Two-phase Decanter Centrifuge:

Solid-liquid separation (starch separation, mineral separation)

Sludge dewatering (drilling mud, papermaking sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, power plant sludge, activated sludge, etc)

Particle size grading (drilling mud, pulverized coal flotation, starch, various mining, etc )

Liquid clarification (soybean protein, peanut protein, waste oil purification, all type juice drinking, etc)


Our Company undertakes equipment selection, design and manufacturing according to material data and actual demands of users. We warmly welcome users to visit our Company for field investigation, technical exchange and long-term cooperation.

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