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Main applications and operation method of KOSUN 40+5m3 elevated diesel tank

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KOSUN 40+5m3 elevated diesel tank is the special-purpose oil tank to provide and store diesel for power machines (diesel engine, generator, etc.) of drilling crew, mainly consisting of oil storage tank, 50CYZ-20 centrifugal oil pump, Y type filter, LNV type flowmeter, UHK561B-1400 explosion-proof liquid level switch, UFZ-04-2000 magnetic reversible level meter, elevated oil tank and manifold, and stainless steel ball valve, etc. Lift up the elevated oil tank when in use and lower it during transportation; there is no need to remove the pipelines between elevated oil tank and oil storage tank during lifting and lowering operations. Walking platforms are provided on top of both oil storage tank and elevated oil tank, with safety guardrails equipped around. Drain outlet is provided at bottom of oil storage tank, and swash plate is installed inside the tank. Safety breather valves are installed on top of such two tanks. The oil tank features easy operation, safe and convenient use.

After the elevated diesel tank is installed, check to ensure that all valves are in corresponding states. Park the refueling truck beside the oil tank, connect the outlet opening with oil feeding buffer tank or inlet opening before opening it and choose to start the 50CYZ-20 centrifugal oil pump; pay attention to the rotation direction of the oil pump. After opening or closing corresponding ball valves, and starting the oil pump, the oil flows into oil storage tank through filter, flowmeter, pipeline, ball valve and centrifugal oil pump. With liquid surface rising, the column of magnetic reversible level meter display changes from white to red. The junction of white and red colors indicates the liquid level of oil storage tank.

The elevated oil tank is installed with explosion-proof floating-ball level switch; therefore the centrifugal oil pump can deliver the oil in oil storage tank to elevated oil tank automatically. In case of low oil level, the explosion-proof level switch opens, the oil pump starts automatically and oil transportation begins; in case of high oil level, the explosion-proof level switch closes, the oil pump closes automatically, and oil transportation ends. In order to prevent failure of explosion-proof level switch, the equipment is especially installed with oil return pipe. In such a way, the oil will not overflow from the tank even under failure of level switch.

When elevated oil tank is lifted up, the oil pressure rises. The oil in tank will be transported to equipment requiring diesel at drilling site from three channels through filter and flowmeter, and it can also flow back to the oil storage tank. The oil consumed by equipment can be read out from pointer of flowmeter.

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