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KOSUN Oil Based Mud Treatment Equipment is to be Completed

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After months of hard work by KOSUN team, an Oil Based Mud Treatment Equipment system is to be Completed, and ready for shipment.

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Oil-based mud is a drilling fluid used in drilling engineering. It is composed of oil as the continuous phase and water as the dispersed phase in conjunction with emulsifiers, wetting agents and gellants. The oil base can be diesel, kerosene, fuel oil, selected crude oil or mineral oil.

KOSUN Oil Based Mud Treatment Equipments are designed for a range of demanding applications. Our portfolio includes oil-based drilling fluids engineered specifically for technically challenging applications, including onshore and offshore shelf operations.

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KOSUN Oil Based Mud Treatment Equipment is that using the principle of centrifugal to separate oil from oil-based mud. That is the specialized centrifugal separation equipment. It is vertical cuttings dryer. After centrifugal treatment, Water-based mud and composite mud: Water content 8-10%, oil-based mud: water content≤6%, OOC≤3%. and this equipment is environmental and low cost treatment method. So it is the most popular measure to disposal oil-based mud.(Editor:Kosun Lily Wang)

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