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TBM Muck treatment-KOSUN

Pub Date:May 09, 2020    |    Views:176    |    

KOSUN TBM Muck treatment solutions:

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In urban subway construction, shield tunneling is one of the main choices for tunnel construction. The large amount of waste muck produced by shield tunneling brings many challenges to the urban environment. The processes of muck dewatering, transportation and landfilling will have a great negative impact on the environment. As a kind of urban mineral resources, waste muck will occupy a large amount of land resources when it is used in landfills.

If the TBM muck are recycled as synchronous grouting material, ecological brick raw material, roadbed filler, etc., the ecological environmental protection function of subway construction will be effectively enhanced. Xi'an KOSUN Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. focuses on development and services of complete technologies and equipment of sludge and TBM muck reduction and resource utilization.Know more about our TBM Muck treatment system,please email

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