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KOSUN Vertical Cuttings Dryer Equipment Send to Xinjiang Oilfield

Pub Date:Jan 04, 2021    |    Views:136    |    

Recently, the Vertical Cuttings Dryer produced by KOSUN was sent to the Xinjiang Karamay oil-based mud treatment project site as the core product of oil-based mud drilling waste treatment for operation services.

KOSUN Vertical Cuttings Dryer can effectively recover the oil-based mud in the drilling cuttings, greatly reducing the solid phase discharge, and the solid phase oil content after treatment can reach 5% or less. The equipment is mainly composed of feeding devices, separation systems, and washing Device, transmission device, torque overload protection device, frame, lubrication system, electrical control system, special tools and other nine components, the operation process is that the drill cuttings from the shale shaker and mud cleaner are transported to the cuttings through the screw conveyor. The spin dryer unit is used for processing, and the solid phase and the liquid phase are separated by the principle of centrifugal separation. 

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After treated by the Vertical Cuttings Dryer, the solid phase meets the industry reduction requirements in terms of water content and oil content. After the treatment, the liquid phase enters the mud tank and passes through the submerged slurry. The pump is transported to a high-speed variable frequency centrifuge for mud purification treatment and can be reused in drilling operations, which not only reduces the cost of drilling operations, but also reduces environmental pollution, and is suitable for drilling cuttings in land and ocean drilling.

KOSUN drilling waste treatment equipment has successfully served major oil fields at home and abroad, effectively reducing the volume of waste discharged, meeting the requirements of maximizing the recovery of useful drilling fluid and minimizing environmental pollution. In addition, KOSUN's equipment also with Modular design, can be combined or used alone according to customers' working conditions.

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