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The Importance of Slurry Treatment Plant in TBM Construction

Pub Date:Jul 13, 2023    |    Views:53    |    

The Slurry Treatment Plant mainly comprises a shale shaker device, a swirl screening device and a pressure filtration device, the shale shaker device is connected with the swirl screening device, the swirl screening device is connected with the pressure filtration device, the connection mode is a stacking connection Or with delivery equipment.

Slurry Treatment Plant in TBM

Slurry Treatment Plant is an indispensable supporting facility in modern shield construction. Shield construction refers to the construction of tunnels using shield tunnel boring machines for tunnels of railways, highways, subways, municipalities, utilities, etc. With the development of shield technology The shield construction workers put forward higher requirements on the technical aspects of the Slurry Treatment Plant.

The modern shale shaker device is designed to pay more attention to environmental protection. The concept of environmental protection is more prominent in various fields, such as preparation of mud, preparation of mud, selection of separation equipment, and discharge of waste. KOSUN Slurry Treatment Plant according to the past construction experience at home and abroad and customers to put forward the high standard of rationalization proposals to create, science and technology innovation as the standard, through the addition of mud removal device to improve the current domestic separation level is lower, so that the separation of particles Diameter up to 15 microns, higher than the domestic standard, greatly reducing the amount of mud preparation, reducing the cost of the project. Realize the reuse of abandoned mud, improve the construction progress.

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