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Application of Solid Control Equipment in Engineering Field

Pub Date:May 19, 2023    |    Views:120    |    

Solids control equipment is a commonly used equipment in drilling solids control system in oilfield drilling, including mud shaker, sand and mud removal integrated machine, drilling fluid centrifuge, mud mixer tank, jet mixer, etc.



In fact, solids control equipment can be used as slurry separation equipment, because whether it is solids control equipment or slurry separation equipment, they are essentially solid-liquid separation equipment, as long as the equipment that separates the solid phase and the liquid phase can be called them. It can be used as solids control equipment or slurry separation equipment. In other engineering fields, such as trenchless drilling, pipe jacking and shield tunneling, channel dredging, etc., conventional solid control equipment includes mud shaker, sand and mud removal integrated machine, drilling centrifuge, mud mixing tank, mud mixer, etc. It is used to integrate the mud-water separation system.


Although solids control equipment and mud-water separation equipment are both solid-liquid separation equipment, they will be slightly different according to different industry applications. KOSUN Environmental possesses core technology of solid-liquid separation, using technology to drive equipment manufacturing and engineering services. Its scope of business covers engineering machinery, industrial sludge treatment, river and lake sludge treatment, urban sludge treatment, soil remediation and comprehensive utilization of tailings. 

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