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What Equipment is included in KOSUN Geothermal Well Mud Purification System

Pub Date:Feb 26, 2023    |    Views:57    |    

KOSUN is a manufacturer of coalbed methane drilling mud purification system and geothermal well mud solids control system. We has accumulated rich experience in the field of coalbed methane and geothermal well drilling. The mud purification system produced by KOSUN is a mud treatment system developed by using the principle of solid control system according to the characteristics of coalbed methane drilling process and mud characteristics.

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KOSUN geothermal well mud solids control system generally mainly includes: mud shale shaker, cyclone desander, mud desanding and desliming integrated machine, centrifuge, sand pump, shear pump, submerged slurry Pumps, mud mixers, jet mixing devices, mud guns, grit chambers, mixing tanks, etc. The mud solids control system can effectively control the solid phase content in the mud, and can control the solid phase content in the mud within 5μm ~ 15μm, and can also carry out the mud parameter ratio, improve the quality of drilling mud, and also improve the drilling speed, prolong the service life of the mud pump and drilling rig, ensure the safety of drilling, reduce the work intensity of operators, and also improve the environment of the drilling site and play a role in environmental protection.

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