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The relationship between coalbed methane drilling mud processing equipment and solids control equipment

Pub Date:Aug 30, 2022    |    Views:104    |    

In the exploration and development of coalbed methane, drilling is a necessary means. Coal seams have the characteristics of low porosity, low permeability and low reservoir pressure, and the well type of coal seam well can greatly increase the contact area between the wellbore and the coal seam. Coalbed methane recovery factor is therefore commonly used.

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Coal seam drilling and coal seam drilling encounter a large area, and the coal seam fissure system is developed, mechanical strength is weak, and stress sensitivity is strong, so it is easy to encounter problems in the process of drilling. Difficulties such as easy pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to harmlessly treat the drilling fluid and mud in the process of coal seam drilling.

KOSUN solids control systems are required for CBM drilling mud treatment, mainly including drilling fluid shakers, centrifuges, de-sand desilters, vacuum degassers and other related equipment. To achieve the state of solid-liquid separation, the material can be reduced by emission reduction, and the treated mud can be recycled in CBM drilling operations, reducing drilling costs and reducing environmental pollution!

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