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The role of slurry separation system in the construction of pile foundation

Pub Date:May 27, 2023    |    Views:94    |    

In the construction of urban construction pile foundation engineering, the pile foundation construction mud plays an important role in balancing the formation pressure and protecting the stability of the hole wall, but the disposal of excess mud and final waste mud directly affects the progress, quality, civilized construction and environmental protection of the site project. In many other aspects, it has always been a problem that has plagued engineering construction. The conventional disposal method is to transport the waste mud by closed tank trucks to the cofferdam in the designated area in the suburbs for accumulation and natural drying, or transport it to the wharf, and then transfer it to the designated area at sea for discharge. The pile foundation projects constructed in the central urban areas of some large cities are often easily affected by urban traffic control, mud transportation routes, and discharge stacking points. Punishment by national laws and regulations may also lead to on-site shutdown, which directly affects the project quality and construction period. Reasonable use of engineering mud, regeneration of degraded mud, increase of reuse times, and dehydration and solidification of waste mud are important tasks to eliminate environmental pollution and ensure pile foundation construction.

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In order to solve the problems of mud degradation regeneration treatment and waste mud management, KOSUN firstly regenerated and utilized the degraded mud of underground diaphragm walls, and then solidified the waste mud of underground diaphragm walls and bored piles, and mixed the waste mud into the waste mud. The polymer flocculant can quickly coagulate and precipitate the mud particles in the mud, and then supplemented by the pile foundation slurry separation equipment to achieve the effect of dehydration and drying of the waste mud in the construction of the building pile foundation. The separated water is recycled and the dry soil is directly Outbound handling. The slurry treatment system can effectively solve the problem of on-site mud disposal.

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