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Drilling waste treatment equipment is widely used in oil and gas drilling

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KOSUN can provide customers with oil and natural drilling solids control equipment, drilling waste treatment equipment is widely used in oil and gas drilling, gas layer drilling, water wells, trenchless horizontal directional crossing Engineering, tailings treatment, river dredging engineering, industrial wastewater treatment, waste oil recovery and purification treatment and other fields.

solid control equipment manufacturer

KOSUN focuses on the R&D and production of solid-liquid separation equipment. Solids control equipment includes shear pump, submerged slurry pump, shale shaker, screw pump, drilling fluid cleaner, vacuum deaerator, centrifuge, sand pump, mud agitator, Desander, desilter, etc.


Which solid control equipment manufacturer is better? Further analysis shows that in recent years, with the improvement of national environmental protection regulations, the enforcement of environmental protection laws has continued to increase, and the pollution control and resource utilization of waste produced in the production process has become the major problems faced by the petroleum industry, KOSUN Environmental has followed the national policy and vigorously developed green and environmentally friendly sludge treatment and soil remediation equipment to solve the problem of solid-liquid separation in the process of environmental protection of waste, and reduce pollutant emissions through subsequent treatment functions, recycle available resources and meet local government emission standards and environmental protection requirements.


Regarding which solid control equipment manufacturer is better, KOSUN has 30+ years of experience in the production of solid control equipment. The solid control equipment is widely used in various fields such as oil drilling, trenchless horizontal directional crossing, tailings treatment, environmental protection sewage treatment, etc. Welcome to consult!

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