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KOSUN second generation vertical cuttings dryer VC-2000

Pub Date:Nov 16, 2022    |    Views:79    |    

Water-based and oil-based mud cuttings from the top of the vertical cuttings dryer into the slurry funnel into the internal separation zone, through the inner cone rotation, centrifugal force, due to the difference in solid phase gravity, mud attached to the cuttings will be thrown out through the screen, and the solid phase in the screen test, eventually, the liquid phase will be discharged from the sink, dry solid phase is discharged from the bottom of the equipment.

Oil Drilling Waste Mud Treatment.jpg

The traditional vertical cuttings dryer is only suitable for the drilling cuttings drying treatment of oil-based mud, but can not meet the requirements of drilling cuttings drying treatment. In the process of use, because of the frequent problems of the screen, the vertical cuttings dryer can not be effectively applied to the whole process of drilling waste treatment of water-based mud.

In view of this technical problem, KOSUN organized a technical team and domestic and foreign industry experts to overcome the technical problems, on the basis of the traditional vertical cuttings dryer machine has made many technical improvements, increased the intelligent electronic pulse washing device, air source system, air conditioning system, water filter and other new functional design, developed the second generation of vertical cuttings dryer machine of KOSUN VC-2000.

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