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China manufacturers of shield muck treatment system

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Who are the manufacturers of shield muck treatment systems? During the construction of subway tunnels, a large amount of waste muck produced by shield muck poses a threat to urban environmental pollution. In order to ensure the smooth excavation, through the shield machine soil, add moisturizing soil, foaming agent, polymer additives, mix and stir evenly, so that the muck has better fluidity and achieve a balanced effect.

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Due to the characteristics of high mud content and high water content, the muck produced by shield tunneling will inevitably leak during transportation, which will cause certain pollution to the environment. In order to clean up the soil in time, a lot of cleaning water is required for outbound transportation, and the construction is blocked because the muck cannot be transported out in time.

The shield muck treatment system produced by KOSUN has recently been successfully put into use in a domestic subway project and has achieved results. Using belt conveyor equipment, the newly excavated muck is transported from the depth of the tunnel to the ground muck separation feed, and finally separate the coarse and fine sand, realizing the benefit of resource utilization.

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