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Main Products of KOSUN Solid Control Equipment Company

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KOSUN is a manufacturer of solid control equipment drilling solid control system, oil drilling and production equipment, oily sewage treatment system, and slurry separation system. A manufacturer of intelligent solids control equipment and complete systems integrating technical consulting.

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Main products of solid control equipment Company

Linear shale shaker, vacuum deaerator, integrated desand and desilter, mud desand, desilter, decanter centrifuge, jet mixing device/mixing funnel, sand pump, shear pump , screw pump, submerged slurry pump, mud agitator, mud cleaner, liquid gas separator, electronic ignition device, mud tank, high frequency drying shaker, drilling cuttings dryer, negative pressure solid conveyor, screw conveyor, Flocculation and dosing equipment, flat edged screen, wave edged screen, metal frame screen, composite frame screen, piling mud recovery system, slurry separation system, oil drilling solid control system, drilling waste mud zero discharge system, Oily sludge treatment system, trenchless mud recovery system, coalbed methane & geothermal well mud purification system, shield & pile foundation mud treatment system, oily hazardous waste treatment and solid waste treatment equipment, mud reduction equipment and other petroleum machinery accessories.

Application field of KOSUN solid control equipment

Oil, shale gas drilling mud solid control system, oil field waste treatment system, oil-containing hazardous waste and solid waste treatment, trenchless HDD mud recovery, municipal mud treatment, coalbed methane drilling mud treatment, shield mud mud-water separation system, petroleum Slurry purification equipment, river dredging projects, petrochemical and other refining and chemical enterprises, hazardous waste, solid waste treatment, etc.

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