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Technical advantages of continuous rotary thermal desorption equipment

Pub Date:Mar 17, 2023    |    Views:180    |    

1, Skid-mounted modularization


The equipment is integrated skid-mounted and modularized, which is convenient for transportation, installation and relocation. The equipment occupies a small area and does not require complicated civil works.

advantages of continuous rotary thermal desorption equipment-kosun.png


2, Safety and environmental protection


In terms of safety and environmental protection, no chemicals are added during the treatment process, and the whole process of thermal desorption is completed in a closed equipment pipeline, which avoids the leakage of dust and VOCs and does not produce secondary pollution.


3, Good processing effect


The processing capacity of a single set of equipment is large, which can meet the requirements of different types of oily sludge treatment; it not only maximizes the recovery and utilization of crude oil, but also makes the oil content of the sludge below 0.3%, and the tail gas meets the relevant emission standards.


4, Intelligent automation


High degree of production automation, through the PLC/DCS automatic intelligent control system, real-time monitoring, collection, display, calculation, processing and corresponding instructions are issued to the system, automatic deviation correction, automatic alarm, truly intelligent and safe operation, staffing requirements Low.


5, Low disposal cost


The thermal desorption process does not coke at all, the material is heated evenly, the thermal efficiency is high, the non-condensable gas is reused for heating, and the waste heat of the flue gas is utilized; the material is cooled indirectly by circulating water; the treatment cost is much lower than other treatment processes at home and abroad;


6,Wide application range

It is suitable for disposal of oily hazardous waste, remediation of organic polluted soil, chemical sludge treatment and others. There is no need to sieve oil-contaminated waste such as plastic bags, ton bags, work clothes, etc. in the sludge.

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