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KOSUN Oil Sludge Reduction Treatment System

Pub Date:Apr 15, 2023    |    Views:163    |    

Oily sludge refers to a mixture of oil, water and solids. KOSUN can provide complete sets of oily sludge treatment equipment to treat oily sludge and recycle oil and water. Thermal washing treatment of oily sludge can realize lower cost disposal of solids and recover as much oil as possible.

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KOSUN oil sludge reduction treatment syste uses hot washing process followed by multi-stage separation to finally obtain clean oil and water, as well as solids with low oil content. The recovered oil can be used for sale to refineries and the water can be repeated for hot washing.


KOSUN sludge reduction treatment system separates and obtains solid phase materials with an oil content as low as 2%-5%, a moisture content of 10%, and a processing capacity of 5-20 tons/hour.


KOSUN sludge reduction treatment system is applied to: oil sludge treatment, tank bottom sludge, historical dirty oil pools, oily waste from drilling, etc.

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