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Advantages of using KOSUN mud zero discharge system to deal with drilling waste

Pub Date:Apr 28, 2023    |    Views:151    |    

Since May 2019, KOSUN has assisted the world's largest conglomerate oilfield - the 1-billion-ton Mahu Oilfield in Karamay, Xinjiang, and has successively provided 10 sets of drilling waste treatment systems to treat oily sludge in oil extraction Solid waste shall be reduced and disposed of in a harmless manner.

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The oil drilling process will produce a lot of pollutants, waste drilling mud is one of the main pollutants, and using the KOSUN mud zero discharge system to deal with drilling waste has the following advantages:


1. Realize the treatment of mud waste on the drilling site without landing while drilling.

2. It has good field adaptability and can basically meet the requirements of actual drilling conditions.

3. Dried cuttings can be used in well sites and roadbed laying, etc., so as to realize clean production.

4. The separated clean water is recycled or returned to the solids control system to participate in the cycle again.

5. The separated clear water can also be subjected to deep purification treatment, and it will be discharged after the treatment reaches the standard.


KOSUN mud zero discharge technology while drilling is the cutting-edge technology of waste slurry treatment. It can not only solve the on-site environmental problems very well, but also perform secondary recycling on the waste generated by the on-site solids control system.


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