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How to solve horizontal directional drilling construction mud recovery and treatment

Pub Date:May 08, 2023    |    Views:72    |    

Horizontal directional drilling technology, also known as HDD technology, is an extension of oil drilling technology. It is mainly used to cross obstacles such as roads, rivers, and buildings. Compared with the traditional construction method of opening and digging buried pipes, it has fast construction speed and high precision, low cost and other advantages, widely used in water supply, gas, electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, oil and other pipeline laying projects.

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The cost of mud treatment is an important part of the crossing cost of horizontal directional drilling. Different mud treatment methods lead to different project costs. Common mud treatment methods include on-site treatment, transportation to garbage dumps for centralized treatment at garbage dumps, disposal of uninhabited land for natural differentiation, and deep burial by digging pits. If the construction site is located in a polluted area, the mud must also undergo a pollution test and be treated in a manner required by the government. For the construction site, priority should be given to the use of a mud recovery system to reuse the mud to meet the needs of the construction, thereby reducing the consumption of mud materials, reducing the cost of mud transportation and treatment, and achieving the purpose of reducing the total quotation.


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