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KOSUN adopts the "non-floor collection + plate and frame filter" treatment process

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KOSUN's non-floor drilling mud disposal adopts the "non-floor collection + plate and frame filter press" treatment process to achieve rapid drilling, solid-liquid dry-wet separation, completion mud reuse, waste mud filter press, and mud cake resource utilization.

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Drilling mud treatment equipment mainly includes units such as collection while drilling, gel breaking and destabilization, solid-liquid separation, liquid phase and solid phase storage. The mud returned from the wellhead is initially separated by the vibrating screen, the solid phase generated by the separation enters the non-floor treatment system, and the liquid phase enters the on-site mud circulation system.


In the non-floor treatment system, after the solid phase is washed with clean water, it undergoes gel breaking and destabilization, plate and frame filtration, and solid-liquid separation, and the solid phase produced is used as a resource; the liquid phase is recycled between wells or well sites, and after drilling and testing After concentrated treatment at the flowback liquid treatment station, it will be reinjected into the oil layer with clear water.


Compared with the original treatment plan, the drilling mud disposal process does not need to set up a mud pool, and the site layout is more flexible. At the same time, the risk of mud leakage is reduced, and the filtrate and mud cake produced are recycled, which will not cause pollution and damage to the construction site


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