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The solid phase oil content after treatment by KOSUN oily sludge treatment equipment is ≤ 5%

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KOSUN oily sludge treatment equipment is designed for the treatment of oily solid waste and muck such as landed oily sludge, tank bottom sludge, and historically polluted soil. After treatment, the solid phase oil content is ≤ 5%, and it can enter the next level harmless centralized treatment station for incineration, solidification method, biological method and other harmless treatment. The water content in the treated liquid phase oil is ≤ 10%, and the oil can be directly recovered for reuse. The oil content of the waste water generated during the treatment process can be controlled within 5ppm, and all of it can be reused in the spray system of the coarse vibrating screen without generating waste water. Realized the reduction, recycling and harmless treatment of oily sludge.

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KOSUN oily sludge treatment equipment - solid phase treatment process


Raw materials are pretreated according to the situation (removal of sundries such as branches, gloves, etc., and the materials are diluted and fluidized), and then transported to the coarse vibrating screen through the feeding system to separate and remove large particles of 3-5mm, and the liquid phase after treatment is prepared. Treatment, at this time, it is necessary to heat the material, add demulsifier, surfactant and other agents, the purpose is to separate the oil, water and sediment in the original group, and use degreaser and other equipment to separate most of the prepared mud After the waste oil is desandered, desiltered and centrifuged, the mud and sand of the slurry are separated, removed and dehydrated step by step, and discharged to the storage yard through the conveying equipment.


KOSUN Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment-Water Treatment Process


After front-end pretreatment, modulation, sand and mud removal, and centrifugal separation, the treated sewage in the system is discharged from the centrifuge. At this time, the sewage contains 1-2% of sewage oil, and the particle size of the solid phase is <2μm. The sewage is passed through the gas Floating machines and other equipment are further processed to remove solid phase impurities and recover dirty oil. The generated waste water is reused to the pretreatment equipment and modulation equipment to realize the recycling of water.


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