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Highlights of the subway shield tunnel muck treatment system technology

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Challenges in the subway shield tunnel muck treatment industry:

With the rapid development of cities, subway projects are increasing.


Current situation of the subway shield tunnel muck treatment industry:

1, The muck generated during subway construction has high clay content and high water content.

2, Leakage during transportation can cause pollution to city roads, and a large amount of clean water is required for cleaning during external transportation.

3, Modern urban management does not allow garbage dumping, and failure to transport in a timely manner can result in construction delays.

4, Existing technologies in the market, although utilizing some solid-liquid separation equipment to separate sand and slurry, have poor effectiveness.

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KOSUN closely follows national policies and has developed an environmentally friendly muck treatment equipment that combines centrifugal separation technology with fluid mechanics. It addresses the solid-liquid separation issue in the process of waste environmental treatment and reduces pollutant emissions through subsequent treatment processes. It also recovers reusable resources and meets local government emission standards and environmental requirements. The KOSUN shield tunnel muck treatment system consists of components such as coarse vibration sieve, fine vibration sieve, sand removal cyclone, slurry pump, and pressure filter.


Highlights of the subway shield tunnel muck treatment system technology:


1, Developed a large-amplitude vibration sieve for slurry characteristics, solving the problem of high moisture content in discharged muck and ensuring the transportation requirements of the vibrating screen's discharged materials.

2, The wear-resistant parts of the cyclone treatment equipment adopt new high wear-resistant materials, improving the service life and reducing costs.

3, Modular design is used to make the equipment compact in overall structure, solving the problem of large footprint typically associated with such equipment and making it suitable for normal construction conditions in urban areas.

4, Remote integrated PLC control enables real-time monitoring of equipment operation status and data uploading to the cloud.


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